Julia Dol(Out)sky — We MISSED you

Disclaimer: A #verbal is serious stuff at November Project. It’s a pact with another person(s) to #justshowup at a workout. Learn more about the verbal HERE. If you break a verbal, you get this — a we missed you thanks to your responsible friends.

Sunday, Julia didn’t just give a commitment to attend Monday’s April 1 workout — she messaged the ENTIRE CoHi running pool with an affirmative. FYI, Monday’s workouts are, like, in the heart of CoHi. So there was that, too; not the longest run-to commute! Our dude Welles missed the hell out of Julia, as did the rest of us. Thank you, Welles, for informing us of the broken verbal. Her message even got a THUMBS UP! Pity the poor person whose thumbs up led to this!

So, this begs the question, where were you, Julia? And how disappointed was that friend of yours from class?? Were you…

At the French Open? C’mon, Julia, we all know the clay courts of Roland Garros don’t open for business until next month. Rafa would be disappointed.

Dancing at your local coffee chain? I mean, fine, but are NP’s moves not good enough? What’s better than dancing in new #grassrootsgear? This kinda stings.

Were you throwing a Halloween throwback party? Did you SEE yesterday’s album and co-leader’s Kyle outfit!? Ain’t no costume party without a Kazakhstan track suit! Speaking of Kyle…

He, Jocelyn and Mish were just trying to follow in your guest co-leader footsteps. They’d seen you and Nico throw down that Birthday Boom. They were hyped. They were confident. And then reality struck — DAMN, was guest co-leading so miserable that you’d break a verbal for the next one while Nico shipped off across the world?

It’s truly a miracle they survived … we’re not mad, just disappointed. See you tomorrow?

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2 Replies to “Julia Dol(Out)sky — We MISSED you”

  1. Word has it that Nico was spotted somewhere in the Swedish wilderness at the time of the WO… Wow, you really must be of the right material to shoulder the tremendous taks of co-leading, glad the crew this week seems to have handled it!

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