Joe Flacco…seriously? Don’t take you for a 4:30 group type guy (BAL)

I can’t believe Joe Flacco #justshowedup this morning.  I mean normal Wednesday, sure, but bitter cold, week of the Pats playoff game?  Bold move, Joe Cool, bold move.  Oh wait, you didn’t make it to the 4:30 AM group? Then you probably missed the most elite burpees we’ve ever witnessed.  Actually, we have been eating pastries and drinking coffee since the workout debating whether they were elite.  Anyway we’re sure he’ll be back…

In other news, to celebrate our first full year as an OFFICIAL November Project™ Tribe, Nick led a fitness class.  Think Nick’s spin class except less creepy music and more clothes (aka less fun).  Just kidding.  Some of the most intense, ass burning snow angels were followed by sequenced lunges, other calisthenics type activities and one big birthday BOOYAH!  Pat got naked and recruited passerbys.  Needless to say, we may need to find a new location next week.  Apparently this is frowned upon in the City that Reads, otherwise known as the Greatest City in America.  Clearly, Syd wasn’t at this workout otherwise this blog would have been posted 3 hours ago and it would have been funnier.  Ok, I better run, my boss needs me to fax something…


I should also issue this disclaimer.  While I was at November Project this morning, I wasn’t in Charm City, though I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one time (sidenote: I also seasoned last nights dinner with Old Bay in preparation for this exercise).  Anyway, I was actually in Philadelphia with our Tribe.  Nick and I switched blogs today.  In any event, I think I pretty much nailed it, perfectly capturing your workout this morning through the 5 photos Nick sent me.  ONWARD B’MORE ONWARD!

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