January 1, 2016. Getting a Jump Start- BAL

12435978_10156457278050232_1070899596_nA lot of great things have been happening in the NP_BAL community lately. We’ve been raving about Kay’s run streak, we managed to collect a hefty pile of blankets, sheets and gift cards for St.Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, we successfully made it through the holiday season with folks traveling all over the world and I somehow didn’t burn the whole thing down while Pat and Syd took a couple of weeks off. I would call it a victory.

In all honesty, I feel like the tribe is as strong as it has ever been. It’s odd that I say this after probably our smallest morning workout in close to a year and a half, but I firmly believe it’s true. The tribe has so far exceeded a morning workout that to call this a workout group is like claiming New York City has the best blue crabs on the east coast. Watching 20+ of you climb out of bed this morning ( or maybe not ever get in bed) and still run hills, regardless of how you were feeling made me pretty damn proud.

I’m going to save all of the truly special shit for a blog post I’ll be putting out this weekend, but in the mean time, check out all of the photos and, if you’re not already, make sure to get yourself involved. There are always more great people to meet, more hills to run, more early mornings to conquer. Happy New Year tribe, you’re all wonderful.


And now, more than ever…Take Big Bites Out of Life.



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