It’s worth the view


They’re not for everyone.  For some core November Project tribe members, Mondays are as standard as Wednesdays and Fridays.  No question.  The Destination Deck is where? Ok.  Fuck yeah I’m in.  I’ll be there.  #Verbal.

Some folks are hard core Wednesday and/or Friday kids, but never taste a sweet sweet Monday because the destinations are inconsistent.  Sometimes they’re close, sometimes far, and it’s just too uncertain to both find a new spot each week AND be unsure what wild or crazy hard workout the co-leaders are going to throw out.  The spontaneous Sebastian (that’s 7 minutes of burpees) or the 16 minute circuit with both pushups AND tricep dips could just make their arms (and minds) explode.  So they don’t go.

Some of yous guys will go to a Monday…IF… and that’s a big if: the workout is close enough to your house, if enough of your friends are going, if you don’t have a big day at work after that, if you got enough sleep over the weekend, if it’s not raining, if it’s not snowing, if it’s not too cold, and if there’s parking nearby.

But what about this if?  IF the view of the sunset in the city of Boston is so glorious that it forces you to feel awe and gratitude for where we live and what we’re doing at dark-o’clock in the morning, so much that it makes the distance, the early time, and the badass work feel worth it, would you come to another Monday?  I actually wish that I was one of the handful of people who #JustShowedUp this morning for the very first time, because I’d get to have this morning as the day that changed my life.  The day that made me realize that the view of Boston at 6:29am is fucking beautiful and one that I want to see as often as possible.  The day that made me realize how different it is to workout alone, than to bounce, dance, hug and workout together.  Together with NP is way more fun, fierce, interesting, funny, hardcore, and awesome.  It would be the day that made me realize that I’d follow this tribe to Harvard Stadium on Wednesdays too, because of course, that’s so crazy it sounds amazing!  It would be the day that made me realize that I’d show up on Friday morning at Summit Ave too, even though it’s a really big hill. Because if I can wake up, workout, hug people, and start my day like I did this morning, I’d never want my days to start out any other way.  It would be the day I realized that whether near or far, warm or cold, big group or small group, stairs or hills, park or basketball court, confident or uncertain…when you #JustShowUp, it’s worth the view.

Because the view of the city was pretty amazing from the top of Tufts University Tisch Library.  But the view you get of the world is worth getting yourself to NP on any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.  And the view you have of yourself, it’s just better with NP.

if you missed the workout, you have homework:

do the workout.  Some of you are already making plans.  Show up together and get it done.  Post it on FB and IG…but get it done!

WARM UP: do some brisk movement that definitely includes dancing.


100 Pushups. (from your knees or from your toes)


100 Tricep Dips. (knees bent or legs straight)


100 Leg throw-downs (which needs a partner, so get someone to join you.) #NoExcuses.

throw downs

You can do these in any order, and any combination of sets.  Just complete a total of 100 of each exercise, and don’t stop until you’re done.  #THETRIBEISSTRONG

everyone should record your workout in the tracker: post the total repetitions completed (pushups + dips + throw-downs)

BUFF ANNOUNCEMENT: You can still place an order for up to three yellow “kama sutra” NP buffs.

if you’ve already requested buffs on the Google sheet: See the up-to-date sheet for orders (as of 2pm today), to ensure your request was placed accurately.

if you still need to request buffs: see the blog with ordering info and click on the link to make a request.


  • We were happy to see #paulleak in Boston this morning. Really.  NYC, thanks for sharing him.

DRoth PaulLeak

  • Many of you thought we forgot about the Rando Die this morning. Ok, we forgot about it for a hot second. But a few badass tribe members, including one of #NP_BAL’s own, stuck around for a roll of the die and one “lucky” minute of burpees.

Rando Die group

  • If you read the entire blog and still remember that I referred to the sunset, rather than the sunrise, good for you.  You’re an amazing reader & editor, and I like you more than other tribe members.  But don’t tell them.  #It’sOurSecret

group photo

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