It’s OK, If It’s In a Three-Way

This past week has been crazy. As in, waking-up-vaguely-recalling-that-something-awesome-happened-last-night-but-not-having-a-moment-to-fully-appreciate-it-because-you’re-still-raging kind of crazy.

Wisconsin Notes:

  • Both of our heads are still spinning from Summit. We had such a ridiculous number of announcements that we couldn’t even get to one of the biggies. Read on for more on that.
  • Jackie had a blog ready to fire up, but she’s currently on a plane bound for a two-week trip to Asia. She spent the week getting ready for that, plus trying to regroup after an epic weekend, which provided little time for blogging.

This week’s workout was silly. Liesl asked for one tutu on Tuesday night to celebrate Wayne and Jacob’s birthdays, and then a half a dozen of you showed up in them for reasons unbeknownst to me? Jamil and Schuyler filmed an episode of Mountain Outpost (check out their Youtube channel, you will not be disappointed), in which they attempted to eat a dozen donuts and run as many sets of stairs. I won’t spoil it, but the tribe thanks you for all the extras! You got to meet your neighbors, as we broke into neighborhoods (Tempe represent!) for group exercises. And, from a personal standpoint, Meg and I FINALLY had a chance to bring the twins to a workout. They loved it. They loved you guys. They now want their shoes tagged, like a pair I have at home. And they loved the donuts.

More like fitness whole donut in my mouth.
More like fitness whole donut in my mouth.

The big announcement, which we weren’t able to get to because of a wealth of things to say, is that we officially have TWO sister cities, in NP Chicago and NP Serbia. Most other tribes only have one. Am I saying that we’re better than them? Well, I’m not saying we’re not.

So what does that mean for you? I want you to go onto and like their Facebook pages (Chicago; Serbia). I want you to find their social pages (Chicago; Serbia’s FB is actually their social page) and get to know some members. Follow @Nov_ProjectCHI on Twitter. Find someone or someones in the tribe and give them a “Fuck Yeah!” when you see their photos next week (many of you already know Mitch Duggins, who works for the Cubs boooo, but also made those epic time-lapse videos back in March).

We’ll talk Summit next week. Both Jackie and I still need to put into words what an amazing experience it was.

Afterward, the boys couldn't stop talking about "Vember Project."
Afterward, the boys couldn’t stop talking about “Vember Project.”



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