It’s Not A Game, It’s Lembo #WeMissedYou (DCA)

To preface, the two pictures below were taken in a place called Arlington, Virginia. Many of you may have heard of this place. It’s far away, we know. But several of us often meet here to traverse together into the District of Columbia. It’s a journey, but we feel safer doing so in packs. Often of which Lembo is usually a part of. But wasn’t this fine morning. 


Above (right) is a picture of the Iwo Jima Memorial, also where Lembo could have met us. But didn’t. (Lembo for scale).

Last night, at approximately 8:10pm, a text came in, that threw down the hardest verbal of all time. It was ground breaking really. 


Sure, alcohol may have been involved – but that’s neither here nor there. Because, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it really fall? If a man verbals for a workout while drunk, does he really verbal? The answer to both these age old questions, is yes.

Clearly a lot happened last night, or what I imagine may have taken place to cause your missed absence: 

Campfire thoughts. So deep. 


Getting highlights, they take time. I know, I’ve been there (note also, boyband Cassi)


or maybe you were too busy pimpin’ it in your Monster costume?


I know a lot has changed at Lincoln, and Virginia is epically far away… maybe you got lost?


Regardless, of what happened last night, we sure did miss you this morning. We certainly aren’t mad Lembo. Just disappointed. 

So see you Friday??

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