It’s Not a Cult (Den)

I’ve heard it many times that November Project is kinda culty… cultish? … cultesque? That November Project is basically a cult. I don’t get that at all! It seriously makes no sense. I mean sure… we have a couple of charismatic leaders that tell you what to do. And sure, we all do the exact same thing when we gather. And sure, we form a big circle and chant things. And sure, we want as many new members as we can get. And sure, we brand ourselves with the group’s logo. And sure, we shame people for not showing up when they said that they were going to. And sure, we try to alter your mental state to something happier. But it’s not like we’re trying to take over the world… #WorldTakeover

A cult? Hell no. Zany and fun? Disrupting the status quo? Fuck yea! That’s the thing… anything that looks different from the outside is kinda weird. But from the inside this shit is good. We’re changing minds. We’re changing hearts. We’re changing how people think about fitness, fun, and community. Why can’t they all be the same thing? Why should we pay for it? Why should we go to a sanitized gym when we can get out in the dirt and the sunshine? We connect to our city, and we connect to each other in a way that doesn’t happen in a gym. I see it every day in your smiles, in your high fives, in your hugs, and in your cheers.

This community is spreading. It’s in 21 cities and counting. It’s being watched and emulated. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I don’t shun other groups for recognizing that community fitness is the future. I embrace them for building strength in each other. In the end it’s about fit bodies, and fit relationships. It doesn’t matter where that happens. We are taking over the world.

So, I’ll see you all again Friday. Be prepared for more hugging and nose booping. Be prepared to work your ass off. Be prepared to cheer your face off. You bring the energy. I’ll bring the Kool-Aid.

Leave everything better than you found it,

FRI: 5:30/6:15am Convention Center Stairs (Speer and Champa)

SAT: O2X Winter Park | Team: November Project 5280 | Promo Code: NOVEMBER50

5:30 "bird watchers"
5:30 “bird watchers”
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