It’s always sunny on Parliament Hill

Our morning began with the intent to form and create new friendships while getting a lil sweaty. Our morning wrapped up with 48 people becoming that much closer and embracing each others accomplishments. We welcomed a returning member from Edmonton, to mothers, daughters, sisters and best friends for joining us this morning. We had a chance to stare into each other’s eyes, hug a couple of strangers, set the tone for those newbies that with them, and without you, these workouts wouldn’t happen.

PR, BENCHMARK, PB or otherwise known as knock the wind out you type of morning occurred here in Ottawa. Just to clarify PR; personal record, PB; personal best and a benchmark is a benchmark. So now that that’s cleared up, here is what went down all before the bridges were jammed with traffic and before Justin Trudeau made it to the hill. Forty-six eager beavers (get it cause we live in Canada) came out to conquer and set their own PR for our workout today. We did start with 46 but an additional 2 passer-byers ditched their solo run to join in on the party for 26:13 seconds (note the 613 #YOW). Because how can you not want to join in people in bright shirts cheering, high-fiving and chasing you down to join in?

The climb from the Gatineau River up to Wellington Street is no easy feet. There are 63 stairs in there and the loop is roughly 500 metres in length, however Lauren’s watch sometimes doesn’t locate so we could be off by 250 metres or so…

It was a morning to celebrate. Celebrate the accomplishments, celebrate the PR’s or setting baselines to set targets for next time, and celebrate for each other. Running past NP member after member and hearing a constant positive cheer or chant gave you that little pick me up to make it all the way up those stairs just to rush back down to cheer on the next member on their way up.

Special moments today included introducing the 37th November Project city tag- can’t wait to spread that to all visitors who pop-in! Shout out to special guest and talented photographer Ali (photos to come), Pat who killed the loop, and was honoured with the bejeweled Frisbee prize for fastest hill/stair sprinter and finally, to those runners who joined mid-way through to be a part of our community. Hopefully they put those homemade business cards that we strongly encouraged them to take to use!

This group is strong and continues to get stronger every week. The feeling you get finishing the workout, whether the endorphins kicking in hard, or the feeling of running through a tunnel of sweaty and supportive people who also just worked their asses off, is a like none other. Either way, it certainly sets you up for a positive day and leaves you wanting to come back for more… all before 7am. Tell your friends, your colleagues, your family, the stranger in the coffee lineup, you never know who might give it a try!

Here’s to bringing “soles” together