It’s All Happening! (YEG)

There’s so much happening over the next few weeks that I can’t wait to see what comes of it all. Our 5th birthday is coming. I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane lately and it has been such a wild ride! More on that in a few weeks.

But first, our other biggest workout of the year is for Yearbook Photos. That’s your chance to get all wild and crazy and take a hilarious photo that will have all your LinkedIn connections wondering what weird turn your career took. Or you’ll get questions like “why are you dressed up as Lance Bass?” When was the last time you took a yearbook photo? And let’s be honest, no one peaks in high school. Those photos are hilariously embarrassing. These yearbook photos can also be hilariously embarrassing, but also, just plain badass. That’s right. You can make up for that awkward yearbook photo of you from grade 10.  And if you’re one of the kids, not in grade 10 yet, you’ll get some practice so that you don’t end up with an awkward yearbook photo in grade 10. There really is no losing here. So. Go see your stylist. Put on your makeup. Build your costume. And show up next Wednesday! The theme is Out of This World, and we’re going to crush it. For the record, NP San Diego had some creative outfits for their yearbook photos if you need get your mind working.

Canada Day! July 2 is our Canada Day workout at the Legislature! For the 5th year, we’ll storm the grounds and do what many describe as their *quote* favourite *end quote* workout. Don’t believe me? Ask ANYONE who has been to one. Start getting your red ready!

July 4 is your first attempt at the Old 96er. It’s one of our favourite days as we see people take those last few steps. It’s so inspiring to see the grit and suffering that people put themselves through for an achievement that means something only to those who go to NP. Mad props to everyone who shows up and gives it their best.

And yes, July 11.. our birthday. 5 years!! 5!!! We’re hoping we can knock your socks off and have a giant party. And if we can’t make it happen, we’ll just make you take your socks off that day. Everyone who has ever shown up over the past 5 years has built this community. On July 11, we’re going to celebrate. Don’t miss the party!



It’s strange for there to still be an announcement, but this Friday we’ll be tagging shirts. So bring one top and we’ll spray paint it (in black paint) and make it fancy and cool.


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