It’s all about that PR baby (SD)

Today marked our second PR workout in our (not so) new home of Balboa Park. This meant that people actually had previous PRs to break, which resulted in some serious racing and sweating this morning. Speaking of which… track your workout HERE, or it didn’t really happen.

I personally love it when newbies come to PR day as their first workout. Nothing like getting thrown to the lions on day one.

Newbies – don’t hate your friends that finally convinced you to come to NP, know that you threw down on arguably the hardest workout of the entire month today, and come back again next week (and the next week and the next week). Otherwise you’ll never break that PR you automatically set this morning.

Something special happens when extra co-leaders are all in the same city for a NP workout. The vibe is a little more intense, the energy is weirder, the high fives are harder, and the hugs are stronger. Today we had Tammara from one of those cities north of the border and we had the BG back in town. Here’s the crazy thing, 5 leaders in one place is just a small percentage (9% to be exact) of the leaders that will be at #NPSUMMIT in Park City at the end of September. Hard to imagine right? You don’t want to miss it.

Ride those PR highs into the rest of your week. Continue to spread happiness, strength, and brightness to San Diego!

Just one more thing…

– Friday! Inaugural #NPyoga! 6:29AM at Kate Sessions Park in PB. BYO Mat (I’ll even tag it for you). All levels welcome (yes, even brand newbies). #NPyoga will be happening the last Friday of each month… because you guys rock!

– Monday! We are also at Kate Sessions Park. We start each month here and tag shirts at THIS WORKOUT ONLY. This means if you want some sweet #grassrootsgear, you need to get your ass to the park Monday. Kapeesh? How do you spell that?

– #MayhemMonday theme for August is… BEACHES! We’ll make our way from La Jolla Cove south to Tourmaline, to Mission Beach, and to the OB Pier. Get ready for some fun in the sun!

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