Its a Canadian Holiday…!


We be driving….today was more than just stairs for breakfast, we threw in some road takeovers. With today being a holiday up here in Canada, we had ample room everywhere. New gorgeous faces showed up, and seriously they crushed it. This tribe is fucking fierce, these people push themselves to new limits, knocking down walls, and doing things they never knew they could do.

Its amazing, you put a bunch of random strangers together, and the amount of cheering for one another, high fives, and seriously love that happens, there is nothing else like it. November Project has opened up something real for so many people. This real, raw connection, cohesiveness, is so much more than free fitness. You’ll just have to show up to see why.

Today we took our stairs to a new limit. Not only did we randomly drop and do crunches no matter where we were on the stairs, we added some hills. Those who haven’t been to our amazing stairs yet, haven’t seen the hill that runs up underneath them, we took down a quarter of that hill at a time running down in between until we got to the top, we climbed the mountain, and then we didn’t finish there. We had to save a life, we grabbed the weight of a 30lb. man, that needed saving and took turns, dragging him to safety, lunges, frog walks, and sprints, and we finally got him where he needed to be, back in my trunk.

So after all that, stairs didn’t seem to fill us up, the hill helped, and the life saving event definitely woke us up. So some of us decided that we needed to fill up our bellies to with a healthy dose of pancakes, and eggs, and not to mention recruiting. We went for breakfast!

Calgary, here it is. July 1st, we will have 50 people show up. Bring everyone you know….something crazy could go down!

In this picture, just one of the new incredible faces that joined November Project Calgary, she is seriously fierce, watch for her in future workouts, and give her a hug!


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