It wasn’t us, it was all Jen (YEG)

I have never seen Jen so excited about a workout. First off, she LOVES when we do a song workout. She has never admitted that to me, but I know she loves them. And she is always thinking of them. She brought it up a few weeks ago with me. So when Andrew mentioned having Jump Around mixed with Sebastians in a workout, Jen took it and ran… literally. Jen ran 19k out of excitement as she took this idea and made it her own. At the end of her run, she proceeded to text us what the workout was going to be. She then created a google doc of it and shared it with our personal emails. And with so much excitement flowing through her body, she decided to share with the NP Canada gmail account which hasn’t been used in 3 years. If those three weren’t enough, after today’s workout, Jen sent me a screenshot of the workout so I could use it for the blog. And since I do whatever Jen tells me.. here it is:


Jen is getting all the credit for today’s workout. I’m going to continue to give Jen credit for today’s workout, especially at approximately 3:30pm when those complaints roll in.


In other news, we officially have a blog sponsor and they’re so great to work with. Have you seen our video yet?










Wednesday is Race day at the Stadium. Cool!

Monday, September 5 – Sunrise 6K

  • Maybe this is a chance to set a new goal – get a PB from the last Sunrise 6K or set a baseline to race next time.




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