It was more than paint fumes (BAL)

This morning I got high. Not your average oh-hey-it’s-4:45-on-a-Wednesday-morning-here-goes-NP type of loopy. Not even your usual close-contact-with-sweaty-bodies-with-newbies type of excitement. It may have been a high from the excessive amounts of spray paint…but it probably most likely (okay fine, 95%) came from the fact that the tribe is growing and the proud mama in me is expanding to epic proportions. I mean epic. I should probably stop telling newbies to make good choices and to have a good day, and leaving sweet notes in their brown bag lunches, but I won’t. Because that’s me. But also because I’m f*cking proud of the work that has been done here by all in Charm City.


Today, we PR’ed. We PR’ed in our organically grown 5:30 Club and in our 6:30 massive gathering. Tribesmembers ran like Forrest either a 1500m (3 laps) or 3000m (6 laps) around the poorly named but ever so loved Rash Field. The tribe decided that that wasn’t enough – that we didn’t have pigs to pet – so they busted out another workout dipped and glittered and bedazzled in burpees, stairs, box jumps, and squats.



Top 5 runners of each race series are:

Amanda S 1500 5:34
Alex D 1500 5:35
Becca T 1500 5:35
Gabe C 1500 5:35
Kerry T 1500 5:43
Steve E 3000 10:08
Sam G 3000 10:33
Eric G 3000 11:17
Sarah P 3000 11:44
Jessica B 3000 11:58

Travis basically yelled “Accio Positivity Award!” this morning when we heard his final Mizuno Challenge mileage total for ONE WEEK: 190+. That’s one hundred and ninety miles in one week, raising $190 for Back on My Feet. So yeah, you can say he deserved it.

As always, amazing spirit fingers and hugs and thanks to Amy Hutchinson for her phenomenal photography! You all should get in touch with her: Amy Leigh Photography.

– Friday August 8th: #NP_BAL’s FIRST FRIDAY WORKOUT. Location whispers to come soon
Saturday August 16th: HolaBird’s Runner Appreciation Day where the NP tribe will be hosting a booth and some epic times.
Sunday, August 17th: #BetterThanBedtime event – all tribe, all #NP17, run to a secret location with some adult beverages. Make it happen.

Too much love,

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