No Joke! (YEG)

An April Fools joke needs to be executed perfectly in order to be carried out. We came up with some ideas during our extensive brainstorming session yesterday…we thought could:

  • not show up and leave you all wondering what to do – although we were pretty sure this wouldn’t work since our egos took a little hit last year when we waited at the top of the stairs only to see the bounce, good morning chant and all of you running up the stairs without a care in the world about our absence
  • announce that Nadim was being transferred to Calgary and was joining the NP YYC leadership team but we knew that none of you would ever fall for that & Nadim forbid us to even joke about such blasphemy
  • do the whole workout backwards – start with the picture – run up and down the hill backwards and end with the bounce, but with me, safety first, back in town I wasn’t sure that was such a great idea
  • tell you that NP corporate was cutting back as many companies are these days and was requiring us to cut a leader – 3 leaders max per city, and we were cutting Andrew since he is on injury reserve anyway but we figured you would all think we were big meanies since he is actually recovering from surgery

…so we kiboshed all of those…none of them felt right…no Aprils Fools pranks this year. But just you wait, we have 365 days to come up with a really good one for next year!

Great job tackling that hill this morning! Huge shout out to all of the newbies this morning – you killed it!

See you all back Monday at Louise McKinney Park. Meet here for the bounce at 5:59:58AM!

PS: All of you who brought spoons this morning, you passed the test! Those of you who didn’t, you failed.

Until next time…SMILE! J

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