It was a Graveyard SMASH (DEN)

What do you get when you combine a group of crazy awesome (debatably just crazy) people that get together before sunrise to sweat, hug, and occasionally puke twice a week with Halloween? Obviously, you get the best showing of costumes and positivity before 7am that you’ve seen since you hit the streets as a kid to trick or treat. Is anyone surprised? This morning, the tribe came out so strong in costume that I found myself asking the question, what time did you have to wake up to get that make up job done? It was also enjoyable watching costumes bounding up and down stairs, slowly taking off pieces of costume or unzipping full body suits where they could as they cycled through more and more stair repeats. Giraffes got slutty, ninja turtles lost their shells, someone stole their Starbucks apron when they quit, and we had Dan and Julia, neither of who were actually Dan or Julia. While the costumes added to the fun we always have, the Convention Center stairs proved once again that they are no joke. Good work today everyone, weekend earned!!

IMPORTANT: WEDNESDAY 11/5 WE ARE DOING YEARBOOK PHOTOS (5:30/6:15). We will be at the Civic Center. Do NOT miss it. And bring all of your friends. Please use the facebook invite to invite them. On this day, we BREAK 100, and NP as a whole breaks 3014! We see it as the only logical way to celebrate the 3rd birthday of this crazy free fitness movement that we have come to know, love and continue to build together.

I have more announcements for you but its Friday afternoon, so who cares?!? Let’s talk Wednesday. Can’t wait to celebrate a birthday for the 3rd week in a row with you all.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

xoxo General.

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