It Never Gets Easy, You Just Get Better At It

Robotman3. 57 Sections. 1.5 tours. 432532 stairs.

It isn’t designed to be easy.

It’s not even designed to be completed. Let’s just stick a big ol’ number of sections on the wall and watch everyone struggle to hit it.

Some people do.

Some people don’t.

Some people yearn for it.

Some people never even consider it a possibility.

Consider it a possibility. It’s possible. Work for it.

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One Reply to “It Never Gets Easy, You Just Get Better At It”

  1. Not to quibble but:

    57 sections.
    1.54 stadiums (stadia?)
    1740 stairs (assuming you don’t do the extra 9 each time through that you lose on the metal steps, so actually more like 1.51 stadia).

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