Is The Sunrise Purple Or Gold? (SF)

Remember when the internet blew up over the color of a striped dress? Some people went and had their eyes checked, some booked an emergency visit to their psychiatrist, and some just simply threw their computers out the window. I wonder how many marriages abruptly ended when there was a split in decision. THE DRESS IS GOLD! AGREE WITH ME OR WE ARE DONE!

Now, while I don’t want any relationships to end this morning, after scanning the IG world post workout, I couldn’t help but notice that the sunrise looked awfully different through each iphone lens. IS IT MY EYES AGAIN? Or did each “photographer” have a different vision for their sunrise, and therefore a very different filter from one to the next? Below are just a few of the many photos posted of the morning, notice the lack of bodies working out in the photos. But I swear I tried to kick your asses this morning (especially with the duck walks) and hope it was worth getting your ass out of bed for the workout and not just the sunrise!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4



FRIDAY: Hills at Ocean Beach! Meet right on the sidewalk by the Cliffhouse. 5:30 and 6:25 AM. WE WILL BE TAGGING. Bring your gear!

Saturday: Shuttle leaves for TNF race in Marin from Marina Middle School starting at 8 AM for the marathon relay.

Saturday night: We will be drinking. Location TBD.

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