Is it just me.. or are my legs going to be hungover tomorrow – YWG

Winnipeg Notes:

  • Winter clothing donation
  • Friday November 16th – LAST OUTDOOR FRIDAY
  • FAFFBMH (can’t figure this out..? keep reading)
  • Positivity Award goes to….

When you wake up tomorrow morning, and wonder why it is that you feel like you’ve been hit by a semi truck..just remember about that beautiful bridge that links the Forks to St-Boniface and reminisce about the fact that you lunged there yesterday morning..and ..oh yeah..then waited in various forms of squats until the leaders said to partner up. The shortest of the pair was to run to the end of the bridge and back towards their bear-crawling partner and switch until you both make it back to the Forks. I’m giving myself full bragging rights about being the best and fastest bear-crawler out there! I’m fully open to a challenge, if anyone is up to it. We also did some other stuff that I’m not going to tell you about …cuz FOMO.

Now for the important stuff

Hopefully this doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but winter is here and it can get pretty damn cold in Winnipeg. Imagine showing up to an NP work out ..scratch that..just imagine going outside when it’s -30 (without the windchill) even just for 5 minutes..and now imagine that you’ve forgotten your mitts or hat or coat..? Maybe you haven’t forgotten anything at all, because you don’t actually own those items and do not have enough money to buy yourself a new or used pair. How cold would you be? I think I would turn into a Dom-cicle instantly. SO LET’S GIVE BACK TO OUR COMMUNITY. We are going to collect winter items (toques, hats, mitts, scarves, coats, snowpant..those sorta things) until November 28th and donate them

Friday November 16th is our last outdoor workout. Starting Friday November 23rd, we will be going to Awesome Hot Yoga. It’s going to be a 5$ drop in for NP’ers (cash is easiest form of payment at that time) and it starts at 6AM, so show up earlier than that.

FAFFBMH is a free half marathon, self supported, night race on November 24th. Click HERE to register yourself OR you can register as a team of 3 for a relay.

I can’t believe that Nathan hasn’t received the positivity award before. This dude is so cool- he always has interesting stories to share and he’s always signed up for some sort of interesting or different kind of  outdoor adventure/race – biking, trail running, obstacle biking, winter trail ultras, you name it, he’s already registered, or will at least be there to cheer. He has been coming to NP for …a really long time. You can usually find him at the front of the pack because he’s so fast and he’s encouraging and motivating others along the way. Nathan, we’re glad you’re here and thanks for reminding Megan to charge our boombox! 

One more thing before I sign off. Actually two things .. but I’ll be quick.

  2. Janet and Kaithleen -We missed you.
We miss you

We miss you


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