Introducing Phoebe The PR-Pig

We don’t have a mascot here at November Project. Frankly, between the alarm clocks, hugs, racing, laughing, tours, hills, decks, and hype, we never even thought of it. But this Wednesday morning all of that will change.

As most of you know, on the very last Wednesday of each month, we race the full 37 section “tour” of the Harvard Stadium. Our DJ will be there, your shirts will be painted (see details below), and your times will be recorded and posted.

Those that post their fastest time ever for running 37 sections will also have the opportunity to meet Phoebe the #PR_Pig. Phoebe only drops by for the best racing day of the month and she only hangs out with people that post PR’s (Personal Record). No exceptions!

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.19.13 AM

If you were off your record time by 1 second, no time with Phoebe. If you’re working your way to completing 37 sections but you haven’t done all 37 of them yet, we’re very proud of you, but no time with Phoebe. If you don’t have a watch to track your time and are calling your score based on the position of the sun, no time with Phoebe. Phoebe only hangs out with the exclusive group of folks that are showing improvement, and you should work your way up to get into that club. Earn your #PR_Pig hangout if you will.

As you know, we’ve been recruiting Mayor Marty Walsh to join us for a workout or five, but he’s been politely ignoring our invites. This morning we decided to come on to his turf at City Hall Plaza to see if he will change his mind. Unfortunately he didn’t but we still had an amazing time. Please join us in our continued recruiting efforts to get Mayor Walsh to the workout by telling him in 140 characters or less what he’s missing out on. Just don’t tell him that he’ll meet Phoebe, he’ll get to do that only AFTER he posts a PR.

On Wednesday, we are also painting t-shirts. But we’re going oldschool. We’re painting ONLY WHITE TOPS. Why white? Because that NOVEMBER PROJECT logo looks super crisp on the white background with a black paint. Have a great week and we’ll see you, your game face, and Phoebe in few days.

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  1. I leave for a trip to Alaska in August before the August NP tagging & I was planning on bringing a sweatshirt to have tagged to Wednesday’s NP.

    It isn’t white – nor are any of the sleeveless tank tops I bought specifically to turn into grassroot gear.


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