Insights from the sidelines (YEG)

It’s all about perspective…

I’m sure that as many of you descended the stairs this morning and saw me doing sit-ups, pushups, squats, planks and the odd burpee you may have thought…nice, Jen makes us do stairs, our lungs are on fire and quads our are burning, and here she is doing a deck at the bottom…or at least that’s what I imagined might be running through your heads as I felt like I was copping out. I’ll tell you the truth,  have a love-hate relationship with those grueling stairs. I hate them when I’m out of breath and my legs are on fire, especially when I am on that middle set but I love them when I’m finished, feeling accomplished for pushing as hard as I can for 30 minutes. This morning I wish I was double-stepping, single stepping, sprinting along with you but if I want to be able to complete my marathon, achilles in tact, I needed to make the smart decision…injury deck it was.

There’s an injury deck for a reason. When you’re sidelined, be in an inflamed achilles or broken ankle (kudos to Brozda for showing up), you still want to be a part of the tribe – a part of the energy, a part of starting off the day surrounded by positivity, high 5’s and hugs. While it is hard to watch from the sidelines because there’s a feeling of missing out or cheating by “taking it easy” while the tribe sweats and kills it – completing that deck and being around the tribe helps.

As we always say, November Project is for everyone…even the injured! This community is strong.

Friday  – Hills @ Emily Murphy Park – Bounce commences at the statue at 5:59AM  We will be tagging Friday, bring one light-coloured top and we will magically transform it into a piece of much-coveted #grassrootsgear

Until next time…SMILE! J


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