Inside the Minds of Jen and Nadim (YEG)

First off. It’s getting cold. Base layer + mid layer + outerlayer = warm. We’ll get into that another day, but for now, just remember that equation. Write it on a cheat sheet, program it into your TI-83 and we will allow it at workouts. #math

Secondly, shoutout to JEN for saying that this blog was going to be hilarious. It is not. It probably makes no sense at all.

Some people have asked how we figure out what the workout is going to be. You might even wonder where we find the time to plan everything. Today, I’m going to give you a glimpse into what goes on in our half empty skulls. Yesterday, while Jen was NOT at a conference, and I was NOT at work, we started to figure out what we can do for the month of October to keep everyone excited.

October is an interesting month. What do we know about October? Well, it starts with O, ends with ctober. Thanksgiving is in October. Wait, is Thanksgiving in November or October? What country am I in? It’s the 10th month on the calendar. Octo means 8 in another language. And octopus swims in the ocean and inks stuff. Back to the 10th month thing, that is messed up right? Octo is 8, but its the 10th month? That is not confusing at all. I might be making this up, but Julius and Augustus were so important that they needed months named after themselves. They chose the hottest two months because they were 2 good looking dudes that never wore shirts. Can we do everything in 8’s? Are there 8 Mondays in October? I really don’t know anything about October other than it starts with an O and ends with ctober. Wow. October IS an interesting month.

Yes, I just brought things full circle in the cheesiest way possible. Whoa. CIRCLES! CHEESE CIRCLES! I’m glad I brought some Babybel for lunch. In grade 7 a girl wrote me a note and printed her 8’s in two circles on top of each other (Disclaimer: No girls wrote me notes, I just saw other peoples notes). I got it, lets plan the Cheesiest workout we have ever done! And let’s do it on October 29th, because that’s obviously the most cheesy day of all. But we still haven’t figured out what’s happening for October. Circles! Let’s workout IN the traffic circle (also known as a roundabout to some folk). Let’s also do it for an entire month and get dizzy watching cars drive around us! Have you ever seen that vacation movie that takes place in Europe? can’t think of the name, but it has something to do with a European vacation. What if we never get out of the circle?


And that is the story of how Circle Month (October) and Cheese Louise (Circle Month 29th) was born.

Your first Circle Workout will be at the top of this hill. (Please watch out for cars when crossing the road. Please do not park IN or ON the circle.)


One last thing, have a safe weekend friends. There’s always someone around who will run to and from workouts with you, or even those extra day workouts.


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