Infinity Drive (DEN)

Our man of many pitstops took us on a ride this morning for our Destination Friday Workout. Here’s the course that Sir Ryan Wooderson took us on:

When a parent gives their child the keys to the family Buick one of two things generally happen: 1) kid drives car to school or work and back with no stops or alternate routes in between, all the while the stereo is turned to a modest, but quiet level and kid assumes that the NSA is in constant communication with their parents as satellites track their current speed and whereabouts. 2) Kid drives car to school, to work, to his friends’ houses, to the park, and every other mild distraction between there and home, all the while blaring Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” on loop, making sure everyone in town knows that you get a cool 28 miles/gallon in the city.

My name is Ryan – most people call me Wooderson or Woody – I am the 2nd kid.  Mom and Dad (Molly & Dan) slipped me the keys to the #NP5280 Buick this morning, so I “hosted” the tribe in my neighborhood at Infinity Park.  The fun part is that I’m a physical therapist, this is partly how I make my living.  This was no longer a Buick, this was a damn Ferrari.

Upon arrival there was what appeared to be the All Blacks from New Zealand throwing around kettle bells, slosh pipes, tires, and whatnot.  Naturally, we began our warm-up haka with a lap and some jacks.  Then we revved the engines a bit.  We started off doing suicides with Turkish Get-Ups in 5-6 yard sprints.  First sprint, 2 Get-Ups.  Second sprint, 4 Get-Ups.  You get the idea.  From there we kept the engines hot as we played leap frog with burpees.  Finally, we let the clutch out and hit ramming speed as we polished off 100 yard tag team sprints.  I could feel it – we hit our top end.  This machine was purring like a kitten.  As we brought mom and dad’s baby home, we played “Plank, Plank, Goose” (it’s exactly what you think it is), just to assure them we had maintained our innocence and all was right with the world.

Wow, that’s a lot of hyperbole.  Sorry, I blacked out for a minute.  The bottom line is that I’m in November Project because it’s fun and it’s a great community.  Molly and Dan were trusting and understanding enough to let me host a workout because they know that this process is not lorded over by some larger entity.  It’s owned by all of us (FUBU), to be a part of, to share in, and to contribute to in as many ways as possible.  Bring whatever you’ve got to the table.  Just show up and let the tribe do the rest.
– Wooderson

Tribe Notes:

· #FlannelFriday has now become #FluorescentFriday for the warm months. Please refer to Dan as ‘Fluoranniel’ until October.

· Congratulations to Brogan Graham who will wed the magnificent Goldie this wknd. Mazel tov!

· Wednesday 6:15A: We race CLOVERS for 35 fuckin’ minutes at Civic Center Amphitheater. Check out the Civic Center Moves campaign.

· Kaitlin ‘Rump Shakah’ Wallace – We missed you, even though you gave us fair notice that you would not be joining us this morning. We didn’t know how to start our day without your enthusiasm. See attachment:


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