Indiana Junes: Week 3 (BOS)

Between 4:30 – 6am this morning, there was a real question whether anyone at all would show up for the workout. It was pouring rain. Not just a little. A lot. And even though it’s real spring (almost summer) the rain is juuuuust enough of an extra obstacle for anyone considering showing up to NP_BOS in June to cause this mental math to happen while they lie in bed:

It’s Friday and I’m tired.


It’s Friday, so NP is hills.


Hills are hard. And fuck, it’s still IndianaJunes. That’s so hard.


It’s raining. A lot.


I should probably stay in bed.

YET, lots and lots of hardcore, #weatherproof human beings showed up and ran that Indiana Jones workout on the hills for the third week in a row. And we’re not even going to talk about the re-mix bounce that we pulled off. We’re just not going to talk about it.

It keeps amazing me week after week, how you all show up and run with strangers, and people who have become hill-friends because you’re about the same speed, and old friends, and with people who you’d never meet otherwise. There’s something really special about the ridiculous things we choose to do for ourselves, when we know that other people will be there too. They’ll be trudging up that hill right in front of us and behind us. They’ll be showing up in the rain and the weather that makes everyone else stay home. They’ll be smiling or calling out “good job” when you’re ready to give up the fight–and then you realize that you can do it too.

This whole thing is amazing. Indiana Junes is amazingly hard, and equally wonderful. And there’s only one more week to show up, give it a shot, and see how awesome it is for yourself. #JustShowUp

monday workout

This coming Monday 6/24 we will hold the workout at the Harborwalk in front of the children’s museum and the Martin Richard Peace Park. 6:29am. Exact location is RIGHT HERE.

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