Inappropriately Denver (DEN)

The season of power and perfection continues. Today, the #NP5280 tribe took to the field of Denver’s Civic Center Park to do a full-body workout that has recently been adopted into our November Project  bag-o-workouts. Did you like it? Did you hate it? Great! The LieutenantGeneral aims to please, and certainly value your feedback. However, the fact that you liked and/or hated it are all a good thing, so we’re really not gonna change a thing. In fact, the LieutenantGeneral gets a Rocky Mountain High off of hearing the tribe moan and groan through the workout. Think about it. That is what we are all here for. Sure, NP mornings are a great opportunity to catch up on the social doings of our besties, but deep down, everyone shows up because they want to do the exercises that nobody ever wants to do on their own. You show up because you want to be pushed by others, and distracted by laughter and awful jokes.

Todays workout came complete with the hideousness of burpees, leaps & bounds, Turkish get-up-off-of-the-cold-hard-fields, and scissor kicks. This workout is truly for the #WeatherProof & #RacingFit crowd.  Those who came, performed, & conquered, you did it gracefully and powerfully. Yall got scultiped this morning, and we could not be more proud.


Lt Flanniel


Thanks to @missmorganderson for taking winterized photos of us this morning.

Track your participation in world takeover here!

Do your  by 1/31! Snap a photo of yourself wearing your grassroots gear while going inappropriately fast. Post to Instagram and tag  #NP_Homework.

FRI 530/615A: Denver’s Convention Center Stairs, (Speer & Champa). We invite you back for more free flowing fitness fundom on Flannel Friday. 


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