In Case You Didn’t Realize…

If you were unsure, I think I cleared it up the morning, but I love you. I seriously fucking love you. Each and everyone of you sweaty, dirty, stinky, potty mouth, crazy, running fools.  You guys make me a better person, and I I’m pretty sure that the tribe does the same for you.

In case you didn’t know many think that SD are weenies because we never endure any weather. Well world, in case you didn’t realize we roughed it this week. We had fog, frigid Temps in the low 60s, morning dew, 3 hours of rain and now the meteorologist just informed us that this weekend will be back in the 90s.  It’s unbelievable that we have survived!

Trails are money if you have not noticed.  You can get down and dirty and feel like a Billy goat.  They work new muscles, get you into nature and most importantly make you feel like a bad ass.  If you haven’t realized, the Northface endurance challenges are trails.  So if you fancied the work you did today go find your sugar daddy or mama (it is the 21st century) take their credit card and sign the fuck up!  We all want you there. Why you ask?!?! Refer to paragraph one.

In case you wore a blind fold and ear plugs today or even worse, slept in, and didn’t realize how beautiful our morning was I’ll fill you in.  We bounced. We pledged our love to one another. We ran dirty. We pushed down the earth. We squatted so low our only option was to jump up. We celebrated the birth of Marli with some Bojans. We raced as fierce as humanly possible. We hugged. We sweat. We had a really fucking good time.

In case you didn’t realize…. this would be nothing with out all you fantasically beautiful humans.
Be  Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!


Knock knock. Who’s there?
Are you still reading.
Are you still reading who?
Read the boring announcements dummy:
1) Keep eyes peeled for Presidio Park location for Monday.
2) NP donation yoga Friday 7am at Practical Karate.
3) Steal that cc for Northface Endurance Challenge in SF.

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