I’m Not Gonna Write You A Love Song (DEN)

Teddy Testosterone was in town today, so the LieutenantGeneral did what they do best… delegate. TT, as he was dubbed in the #Powerful7, brought the rukus from the Madison Wisconsin tribe, which he leads. Theodore, take it away:


Denver, I have a confession to make. I claimed to be here in your lovely town “on vacation”; in reality, I, as co-leader of NP Franchise #1 (Madison), was sent by Corporate to do a quality control assessment. What percentage of tribespeople were smiling at any given moment? What was the hug-to-handshake ratio? Were there moments of undeniable awkwardness and was said awkwardness embraced?

These and other metrics were secretly collected while you were doing your Clover Leaf PR Workout this morning. I’m pleased to announce that the preliminary results are extraordinary. Some highlights:
– DEN tribe members give strong, plentiful, emotionally vulnerable hugs.
– DEN provides thin enough air and steep enough steps to encourage a healthy concern for survival.
– 40% of DEN’s music featured Katy Perry.
– 17 minutes of “wake up bouncing” exceeded the median across all NP locations by 14 minutes.
Metrics aside, my experience this morning epitomized the splendor of this weird November Project thing we do. After two days in Denver, I still felt out of place in a concrete jungle that could have really been any major American city. After this morning’s workout, I truly feel welcome. Through joining the NP community here, I’ve swum in a pool of Denver love and feel a connection to this town. This is what the movement is about. If every city on the planet had this, you could travel ANYWHERE and with a 45 minute investment and openness to sweaty hugging, feel like you’re home. What a beautiful thing.  #NPlove #hashtags #socialmedia
-Flannel Ted
Positive vibes were xfered from Elizabeth to LaNae. Cheers and dirty jokes are both positive reinforcement.
Friday 6:15A Cheesman Park Pavillion. Bring a bucket!
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