I’m All About That Bass…No Treble (SF)

Some people are a “leg person”, some people are a “face person”, frankly, I’m an “ass person.” I admire them, I appreciate how much work it takes to make them look good, and I am thankful for their strength, keeping me injury free (most of the time).

So it was only fitting that my first workout back we addressed this portion of the body with endless lunges, duck walks, kickboxing kicks and stair/hill climbing. The goal was to have you all walking weird for the rest of the week. I hope I succeeded.

We have a few huge weeks coming up, starting with this SUNDAY. 6 AM at Kezar Stadium, two buses will be picking up the entire tribe (and friends) and shipping us out to mile 10 of the Nike Women’s Half Marathon where the November Project Hill will be the loudest cheer section on the course. We will have breakfast, tagged Nike shirts, signs, hugs, and the opportunity to win free pairs of Nike running shoes. Plus, 50 of your closest friends screaming their faces off for the runners in the race. After the race (1030/11 AM) one bus will return to kezar, one will return to the Marina if you wish to head to the finish. DRESS TO RUN if you want to run, DRESS TO CHILL if you want to chill. But there will be a workout opportunity if wanted.

FRIDAY HILLS: Meet in the car park at Coit Tower on top of Telegraph Hill, 6:22 AM.

Andrew Hutchinson is not impressed.


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