“If It’s Not Raining, We’re Not Training”

So it rained today, and it kind of rained a lot. Most of you woke up, heard the rain, went back to bed, and then woke up again because all the rushing water made you need to pee. Which I’m sure was frustrating, but at least you got a jumpstart on checking your instagram feed for the day. So while you were sitting there (yeah, sitting, who has time to aim at 6:15am?!) chuckling to yourself about the most recent @FuckJerry post, you could have been openly peeing your pants in public like the rest of us. If there’s one silver lining about heavy rain, it’s peeing your pants in public. And if peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis!

The #EARLYGANG was a solid 5 people deep, including one of Clayton’s co-workers, who chose literally the worst first day to show up ever, especially because I ran him through the old Alamo Square PR day circuit, which is kind of a beast, this feels like a run on sentence.

The #AFTERNOONGANG (which is at 6:30am) was also sparse, but included like 7 newbies, which confirms my theory that newbies are more badass than regulars, or at least a lot more naïve… who knows. #AFTERNOONGANG made groups of five and created their own mini circuit workouts. I wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure Matt Schaar’s group just played spin the bottle.

Photos are sparse given the rain, 100% of them look like this:


…and that’s because this is the only photo. Actually WAIT! I just found another:


As you can see, the dog has moved in this one… Alright clearly I’ve run out of things to say. See you THIS FRIDAY at 6:05am, for the SUNRISE 6K. #THREEPEAT. AT&T Park. 6:05am. Be there.

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