I’d swipe right (NPSF)

Here in San Francisco, we do love our handy apps. From Shazam to Strava, Twitter to 3Rinder, Venmo to Viber, we love doing everything through our smartphones. Well this morning, we put down our phones and mimicked our old favourite dating apps, Hinge and Tinder, during our workout. Let’s rewind a little bit and cover the fact that the last time we attempted a Tinder-based workout, the cops came and broke up the workout 11 minutes in. This time, we did the whole 30 minute workout without a single police-based interruption. In our eyes, that’s a swipe right, match and holding hands on the first date sort of victory! Success!!


Here’s how this exercise speed dating went down. We would pair up with a date and carry out a paired workout (courtesy lunges were this co-leader’s favourite. You lads were so confusingly awkward doing it!) until the co-leaders would shout “Swipe Right” or “Swipe Left”. Then on you move to the next date, and the next exercise. Every few minutes, we’d tell you to bail on your date, when you give a half-arsed excuse as to why you’re bailing on your partner and then sprint to the end of the pier and back. This was a unbelievably loud workout and we loved every bit of it. We bounced. We screamed. We howled like animals. We hugged. The best way to start a Monday morning. Here’s some of the eclectic bunch of excuses we overheard this morning:

  • “I have to go milk the cows”
  • “Sorry but I have herpes”
  • “I have to go pet my cat”
  • “SorryI flew from Ireland two days ago and have been in a constant hangover since”
  • “I have to go fondle my sweaters”
  • “I need to be up for a workout at 5:30AM”… DAMN RIGHT. NP IS PRIORITY!


The Dads (Paddy & Dan) are eloping to Los Angeles this Wednesday. So with Laura running it solo, anticipate a workout that will be hard as fuck and probably include 1000s of lunges, squats and speed skaters. You won’t walk right for a week.

Alta Plaza Park. 5:30AM (with a surprise early gang guest leader) and 6:24AM


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