Icicle-in Me! (DEN)

See what I did there? Ha. Anyway, let’s face it, you ate a lot over the holidays. I’m talking a plate full of meat and potatoes followed by multiple slices of pie to the point of have trouble moving and using whats left of your brain power to keep your eyes from rolling back in your head. And then when no one is looking you grab some cookies before falling into a deep deep slumber. So that’s why this week at NP5280 we approached the new year workouts as if we were ripping off a band aid. Just get in there, get sweaty, and give it your all. If you know us, you know we love the Little Man Ice cream Hill  all year round, but for the gluttonous reasons illustrated above, we loved the grit of the hill a little extra today. We had a fierce crew show up this morning, even though the #lateproject was full effect, proven by everyone who rolled up with scraped ice holes on the wind shield just barely big enough to see anything. We love when you #justshowup, but always remember to #justshowup with caution. So in summary, today we 1)drove with questionable amounts of ice blocking our vision 2)ate hills for breakfast 3)enjoyed a hot, breathy, group hug 3)did not have a visit from the cops 4)became a faster, stronger, healthier community.

Now, (Obligatory) To-do list as an alternative to work:

  • Go record the number of hills you did here!
  • Do your homework! That’s right, you and the rest of NP Nation has been assigned inappropriately fast NP homework. Read about it and then get on instagram and check out the hashtag #NP_Homework to glance at the competition. Submit 1/31, no late admissions accepted. Denver, let’s put our sister tribes to classy shame.
  • #Justshowup next Wed (1/14) at 5:30am and/or 6:15am to do it all over again.

Weekend Earned,



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