Ice in April?!? What is this, New England?

This morning we showed up to the workout to find a 1/2 inch of black ice covering every step of the 37 sections at Harvard Stadium. Since we would’ve had to wear full body suits and helmets to run there, we called up our friends over on Yawkey Way and they let us run FENWAY PARK AGAIN!!!

Oh? No? That didn’t happen? Stop living in the past you say, fake-man-Chris-made-up? Ok, fine!

Today we actually couldn’t run stairs… Did that mean we just packed it in and went home?
NOPE! We moved to the track.

Did that mean we sandbagged the workout?
NOPE! We still crushed a solid 40 minutes of badass work.

Our workout consisted of a Bojan-flavored-freeze-tag warm-up, a deluge of sprints, planks, push ups, mountain climbers, and Lunge-Squat-thingies (aka Capozzis), and an impromptu game of Red Light, Green Light with some burpee spice. This morning was fun, hard, and fast. It had all the requirements of an NP workout: great humans, hard work, and a solid helping of childhood goofiness.


We gave a big thank you to the folks that did help Monday go so smoothly (Mike, Scott, and Cyndi) the only way we know how–by throwing snow at them. Then we ducked out before most people hop out of bed in the morning. It was that simple. Is ‘simple’ the right word? I don’t know… maybe ask someone that was there? Or better yet, next time? Just. Show. Up.

Friday is PR Hills!! IMPORTANT NOTE: We are out of the Limited Edition #NPSummit Ave hats. If you would like to turn your current #NPSummit hat (or any other hat you have) into an #NPSummit Ave racing hat, bring it with you Friday and we’ll add some spray paint to it if you PR. These were a limited quantity, and that quantity has run out. See you there.*

Much Love,
– C. Payne

*Capozzi and I will not actually be at the workout Friday. We will be in DC, being adult-sized-children. You should still show up to Corey Hill Outlook at 6:29am Friday morning though or the workout in DC with us. I promise you won’t regret it.

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