I Whip My Hare Back And Forth

Somebunny (WE!) Missed You, Emily!

A Press Release by Tayler Covington

Brooklyn, NY – (March 28, 2018) – The November Project Brooklyn tribe announced today that they missed Emily during the NP Easter Edition eggsercise. On March 27, 2018, Ms. Hagan explicitly dropped an “eggcelent #verbal” on Instagram and failed to follow through, resulting in the collective sadness of the tribe.


Emily, your punny verbal had me looking on the sunny side because verbals mean no eggscuses, #justshowup. I was sad when I didn’t see your trademark blonde top buns at the top of the stairs this morning… It’s like you just didn’t carrot all. I’m dyeing to know what could have possibly been more eggciting than showing up for a 6:28am NP-themed Easter Egg Hunt. Our eggspert leaders treated us to piggyback rides and whispers of sweet nothings that had us cracking up – but at the end of the day it would have been even better with you, because there’s nobunny like you, Emily. You’re our peep and we’re eggstatic to have you in the tribe.

“Verbals are do-or-dye,” someone probably said at some point in time. “Eggward Scissorhands once said, ‘I am not complete.’ We are not complete without you, Emily. You are a cool chick who might consider hatching better plans to follow through on verbals – after all, verbals imply the best-laid plans. Let the record show that I added the Scissorhands quote solely to use Eggward.”

Also, we did a bunny ears photo. Your trademark top buns would have made a hoppy contribution but since you’re not in the photo, I gave you some bunny ears in MS Paint so that you didn’t get left out.

Haters will say it’s photoshopped…

You’re welcome.
Disclaimer: I am not sorry for any puns used in this post and take none of them back.

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