I Wanna Jam It With You (DEN)

530v615 staredown

Denver Notes (brought to you by Bob Marley song titles):

  • It’s  Race Day!  We ran PR clovers like we shot the sheriff
  • Dan (no last names, please) was feelin’ jah positive vibration after winning the positivity award, bringing it back home to the 5:30 focus group.
  • I’m mostly positive we had a record newbie lineup for 5:30, more than the 6:15 squad, though I’d have to check our very detailed social media files.
  • There was no Bob Marley song title in that last bullet.  Easy Skanking with Kinky Reggae…because I couldn’t find a semi-appropriate way to work in those titles.

It’s amazing how much the tribe changes, yet how similar it remains when you leave for a bit.  There were  TON of new faces in the crowd this morning, which leads me to believe that you guys are pestering your friends and coworkers so much that they’ve finally decided to appease you.  Whatever the reason, fuckin’ fuckity fuck yeah!  In doing so, the 5:30 #focusgroup is gaining some serious ground on our 6:15 crew.  So I’ll issue a challenge to both groups…

Awhile back we started talking about hitting 300 people between both workouts by 6/29/16.  This wasn’t so much for the purpose of volume, but rather to continue reaching to the various circles within our community to enrich others’ lives, as well as our own.  Sure, we’re a workout cul… (ahem) group.  More than that, we’re a group of like-minded individuals who have decided to make Denver a more cohesive, connected community.  We want to spread that vibe as far as we can.  SO, from henceforth, hitherto, forthwith, until 6/29/16 the 5:30 and 6:15 crews will battle for recruits.  Whichever group recruits the most newbies until June 29th will get tasty treats provided by the leaders at the following Wednesday workout.  

And as always, IF we hit 300 between both groups by 6/29, Matthew and I will get NP tattoos.

We’ll start tracking next Wednesday, so start talking!!


One Love,

Major Wood

615 bobsled team
615 bobsled team


Thurs 6am, FREE YOGA!!!

Fri 530/615: Little Man hills, Hirshorn Park (3000 Tejon St.)

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