I told myself I wouldn’t cry (DEN)

Some of you may have noticed this new marker drawing on my shoulder this morning. Some of you may not. I didn’t exactly advertise it… not my style! Though I suppose I am right now… so sort of my style? I was biking to the Capitol Steps this morning and was completely full of emotions. I’m totally fine with admitting it… I definitely cried? But why? For the same reason that I branded myself with the name of our movement. That’s what I want to share with you right now. A lot of you heard months ago how I came to November Project. I won’t waste time on that right now. If you haven’t heard, and want to know… I will gladly share with you. This is about what has happened since then.

It's peeling a little bit, just like all of us... that makes sense, right?
It’s peeling a little bit, just like all of us… that makes sense, right?

Ever since joining the tribe only a few months ago… February 11th to be exact… I’ve been completely overwhelmed and flabbergasted by this community. This community that took in a new, quiet face. Someone who felt damaged and lost. This community that lifted me up, embraced me, and helped me find things about myself that I thought were lost long ago. Honestly, ask people like Amy Barnes… you wouldn’t have recognized the person you see today in that version of me from the beginning of February. I’ve felt like I have owed so much to this tribe since the beginning. My life. I continue to see that every day in Dan and Molly and in all of you, the regulars and the new people that I hope come back every week. I see so much in all of you. So much to add to this tribe and to each other. You all have something that can help transform the people around you, whether you know that they need it or not. To not share yourself completely with this family that loves you, and me, and every single member would be a real travesty.

I saw countless examples of that today. We got a little weird with our armless bear hug nuzzling. Or as Dan Zube pointed out, our Elephant Seal greetings! We were so encouraging of each other while we ran, but even more so during star jumps. It got so loud! AMAZING! It’s all good shit that breaks down the walls, and allows us to share authentic vulnerability with each other. THAT is how we grow as people and as a community. It’s something that you don’t realize how much you miss until you don’t have it for a while, then come back. It can overwhelm all the feeling receptors. That’s what this tattoo is. It isn’t some macho, bravado, declaration of being a co-leader of the tribe. I was going to get something even before Dan and Molly asked me to join them. It’s our tribe, not mine. You just let the LtSargeral plan the workouts. This tattoo is recognition that, no matter what happens from this point forward, my life has been transformed and put in a better direction because of each and every one of you. I am forever grateful to all of you.

Aaaand turning off the water works… now!

Go leave someone better than you found them today!

FRI: 5:30/6:15A Highland Hills @ Hirshorn Park (3000 Tejon St.)

Another record setting 5:30 group! Look out 6:15... They're coming for you!
Another record setting 5:30 group! Look out 6:15… They’re coming for you!
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