I Swear this is Serious (DCA)

I have a confession to make. The first time I showed up to November Project, I didn’t say fuck yeah. I may have said, “Yeah,” or, and I honestly don’t remember, may have abstained altogether. I’d just taught elementary school for four years and at the risk of slipping up in the classroom, had permanently replaced all swear words with sayings so PC even the Boxcar Children would yawn. And quite honestly, it made me feel uncomfortable. The words coming out of my mouth felt weird.

So let me, please, string out a few ideas for you and hopefully we’ll find a point of this blog that isn’t, “Kaelan said we should loosen up and just swear in front of children.”

On any given NP day, I drop the F bomb thirteen times in a workout? Seven times in my personal life? (Does that seem exaggerated? Maybe, I have no actual tracking method.) On any non NP day, out of habit, sheer fun, on accident, I probably drop it at least half of that. Ten out of the seven times are just sheer excitement. Circle back, my baseline for F bombs a year ago, was ZERO.

What had me thinking this morning, about how much I’ve grown as a person in my ability to swear? Watching people put their knees, stomachs, entire bodies, down on the ground during plank. It was a LONG ASS PLANK. I get it. I also get wanting to take a break, I also get hearing, “Get those knees up!” or “Get that butt down!” and wanting to let out your own giant F bomb. But here’s the thing, planking and push-uping for that long might be something that makes you uncomfortable now, it might be your own personal, “fuck yeah,” and if you picked your knees up, or got up off your elbows, or quit pointing your butt to the sky JUST ONE of those times that you heard yourself or someone else get called out, you’re getting stronger. One is better than none. You’re there, you’re working your ass off, one-upping yourself.

So, we all start at a baseline, for everything we do, and I guess the hope is that we grow from there. Just remember, at some point your baseline rises. And that’s good shit.

I think this is a long winded, wheel reinventing, round-about way to say, “Get comfortable, being uncomfortable.” And with that, I think I just became your summer league swim coach or your little league baseball coach, but I’m REALLY FUCKING COOL WITH THAT.



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