I Pledge Allegiance to November Project

There are some days you just want to remember forever.  Holidays make the days easier to recall, because we had the day off and got to stick around after the workout a little longer than we ever do.  And also because sometimes we just do weird shit that makes things fun, different, and memorable.  Days like today are the stuff that memories are made of.  Let’s just recap the festivities and awesomeness that was the 3rd of July, 2015 at Summit Avenue.

First, there was the abundant red, white, and blue gear.  Well done, my friends.  Nice and spirited–really set the tone for the workout.

Then, we had a little bounce at the top of the hill–but the workout started at the bottom of the hill with group jumping jacks and full volume GOOD MORNING and FUCK YEAH!  We may have pushed the boundary a little bit with the noise, the crowding of the corner at Summit & Beacon, and the shit show of a start for the 4 waves of hill racing. But you know what? It was a really good time.  Weird and awkward, and that’s a perfect representation of life.  Fuck yeah to that.

After the tribe RACED to the top of the hill, the rest of the workout included some spicy spice in the cross country area.  We ran straight down the grassy hill and across the bottom where we did 10 air squats before sprinting on a diagonal to Burpeeland where we did 5 burpees, and sprinted on to the wall for 5 wall jumps.  We continued on down the front of the hill for as many repeats of the circuit as we could accomplish before 7:20.  Small American flags lined the path through all the cross-country spice.  You know, because America.

While we completed as many loops as possible, we were entertained by bubbles courtesy of Grace and Micah, which I know motivated a few of us to push through just one more hill!

After our huge group photo and pledging allegiance to our Birthday tribe members, it got a little slippery.  A few tribe members with a MacGuyver-like sensibility figured out how to create a giant slip-n-slide on the hill for us to play in after the workout.  We slipped, we slided, we got wet, grassy, soapy, and slippery.  It. Was. AWESOME.

And 4th of July NP pot-luck was in full swing for a long time after the workout. It was everything you could really hope for and more, from bacon to donuts, fresh fruit to vegan fudge.  Real watermelon and jello shaped like watermelon.  There were kids, dogs, hugs, lots of IG gold of food on plates, and even some free shit for people to take home.  Does it really get any better than that?

These are the days we remember because they are different.  They’re special.  We’re really glad we show up and have this ridiculous thing called NP in our lives.  And we will keep showing up because you just never know what the next round of weird, awesome (sometimes slippery) fitness will bring us.  We might even pledge allegiance to NP formally.  You know, more formally than the official “Fuck Yeah” pledge we say every M-W-F anyway.

How’s this?

I pledge allegiance to the tribe of #NewsCh19 of November Project. And to the community, for which it stands, one Tribe, taking over the world, spreading kindness and fierce fitness for all.  FUCK YEAH!

Boom. Yup.  That could be good.

What else is good?  Monday Destination Deck.  To keep up the 4th of July patriotism, we will be meeting in the North End, right next to the “one if by land, two if by sea” tower.  Everyone should wear either red or blue.  And it will be fun, and there will be competition.  See you there.

FINAL THOUGHTS that you should definitely keep reading for.

We regularly joke about #safetythird and we know we don’t always set the perfect example of super-safety (we do run up and down concrete stairs every Wednesday, after all!) BUT on this holiday weekend, please remember that we love you, we want you to have all the fun in the world, and we really want you to be safe.  Maybe let’s go with #safetysecond, to prioritize it just a little more this weekend.

Please drive, ride, party, celebrate, and be amazing and kind, safe and smart human beings.  See you on Monday!

group photo

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