I love the smell of spray paint in the morning: BAL

Here are some quick observations form this morning. Honestly, they will be quick. This isn’t like when I lie to you about Sally being “almost over.”

The tribe is getting faster. More fast people are showing up. Formerly slow-ish people are now fast. This is a very good thing. With more butts in the race the races get faster and the faster the races get the faster you get. This leads me to my next point…

– The tribe has started to actually #raceeverything. Some of us like to saunter up the hill and I understand that. Sometimes this is the only chance you get to see some of your friends during the week. Hell, I love a leisurely stroll up Baltimore avenue as much as the rest of you all, chatting with my buds about jager bombs and the new keggerator we just bought for the house. But increasingly folks are actually racing. This isn’t the  “race you to the top!” type racing of our youth, but instead the ” find someone your speed and push each other” type racing. Some of you don’t even know you’re racing but you are. All of a sudden NP starts showing up to actual races and actually winning. Which brings me to my next point…

madison race

It’s way cooler to race as a team.  We’re already neck deep in Winter and pretty soon your brave, weatherproof asses will be launching into the spring racing season. You’re gonna be fast and I promise, if you keep pushing yourselves at workouts, we’re gonna make a name at some local races. Sure, you may be one of those cats who finished top ten at Sole of the City or the Baltimore Marathon repping grasroots gear…but you may also be someone who P.Rs in 200’th place. But as you cross the finish line someone yells “Way to go November Project!”  Then you go  find your post  race NP friends, beers in hand, and kick it like the badass racing ninjas you are. Keep each other in the know and post your race plans here. Keeping each other in the know brings me to my next point…IMG_5501

– The tribe has actually started to like each other. At some point within the past year we went from a bunch of people who show up at 6:30 am ( or 5:30 if you’re really crazy) to run stairs together, to a continuously growing community of friends who just happen to workout. Racing, getting fast and feeling fit is just an added benefit of being a part of NP. The tribe is whatever you want it to be. Maybe some of your best friends are here or maybe you just like the workouts.  But however you participate, we couldn’t be happier you are here.

So, per usual. Recruit everyone. Bring new friends, old friends, ex-friends. The more butts in the race the better the race is.


Cupids Undie Run: February 14:  (Sign up with our team, NP_BALs to the Wall and use our discount code BmoreNovPrj10)

– This Saturday is the Polar Bear Plunge. Contact Dan Collier for more info or post on our FB page or send us a message. 

Remember to update the race sheet here. Additionally, if you are in the NP_BAL social group but you have friends who are not ( but who also come to workouts) make sure to add them. 

The tribe is strong, Keep taking big bites out of life!



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