The sun wasn’t even up this morning and you all were sweating your asses off. This morning was epic! The perfect opportunity to the see the entire city before members of the tribe go forth and tackle 26.2 miles of it. From Dodger’s stadium all the way to the Santa Monica beaches you all are about to tackle a huge feat. I think it’s times like the LA marathon that brings real pride to our city. Let us not forget the pride we feel in this moment to be here in this beautiful place. We can’t forget that the mountains at our doorstep, the ocean at our feet and the eternal sunshine is truly a gift.


So in this time of city pride let Randy Newman guide the way!


Go out there, get sweaty and enjoy yourself! Remember what an amazing city you live in!


SUNDAY- Meet at Mile 18 for the NP CHEER STATION at 8:30 onwards.

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