I like Pi!

Men and women, we may have our differences, but one universal desire holds true.  Pi!  Delicious, sweet, CoolWhip-covered pie.  The great unifier.


…Aside from pi, however, we stand divided, raging in a constant battle of competition.  Who will win?  Who will conquer the Hill?  Who will impress who?  Who will lick their plate the cleanest?  Today, the answer was MEN!  We made up for our lack of numbers with fierce hill racing and even fiercer pie eating.  A clear case of quality over quantity.  Okay, fine.  Women, you did okay too.  We all love eachother.  We’re one big, happy family. Blah blah blah #girlsdrool

Bottom line, NPSD, we all spent our morning laughing, sweating, hugging, laughing, racing, eating, burpeeing every 3:14min, and did I mention laughing.  And it was fucking awesome.  Our in house beauty, Sam, and our fierce and loyal leader, LP, flew home from the workout with their shiny new capes.  Lactose intolerant Eugene stumbled away with a belly full of whipped cream.  Denver Matt literally licked his plate clean.  Antoinette practically leaped at the opportunity to claim a pi.  I fell on my ass taking the group photo (but seriously guys, totally on purpose, for the laugh, you know…).  So many of you who raced SD Half yesterday still showed up!  So much good in one morning!


For real guys, you’re the best.  Your energy and attitude brighten my Monday and fuel my week.  You’re all positive agents of change, and you’re taking over the world, one pi at a time! #bebright #eatpi




If you know what’s good for you…

April 8 @12:20PM SHARP – Martin Luther King Junior Promenade Park – 7 minute flashmob workout.  You DO NOT want to miss this.  The FOMO will be overwhelming!


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