I know him! (PHL)

This morning we were graced with the presence of folks from Tribes all over the US.  DC, Boston, LA to name a few…However, one visitor this morning was particularly special.  This guy has a pretty busy evening coming up.  I’m talking circumnavigating the globe, dropping through chimneys, eating cookies, leaving presents…yeah, you guessed it. Old St. Nick just showed up this morning.  Kris fucking Kringle.  Aside from mourning the loss of Frosty the Snowman and the rapid melting of his home at the North Pole, he was in good spirits…

Oh right, the workout….This morning’s circuit included stairs, ledge jumps, push-ups and broad jumps.  We finished with burnout of epic proportions.  The ladies and men raced suicides at the bottom of the Art Museum Steps.  Melissa took down the #PositivityAward and we crowdsurfed Rob for his birthday. BOOM!  Everyone have a safe and happy holiday! Oh and there WILL be workouts CHRISTMAS and NEW YEARS DAY!

Friday – Lemon Hill – 6:25 AM


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