I just call it the “DG” workout

This morning was special for several reasons. First, the temperature was pleasantly mild for past the midway mark in November. Yessss.



Second, we gave the positivity award to a kick ass guy that is no stranger to NP. Third, last week our Positivity Award recipient told us about how much fun he had playing “Biggest Fan” with the DC tribe, so we gave it a go today and it was a big hit 🙂 Fourth, today’s workout was a recommendation from legendary NP leader Daniel Graham aka “DG.”

It’s a great when you have the opportunity to get to hear a seasoned leader’s favourite workout. Sam and I had several planned for weeks so I had been itching to give it a try and today was the day. Reaction? Smiles and hard effort all around. We modified the workout to use half of the Casa Loma stairs instead of running around a track in support of a tribe leader’s request. In future, Sam and I will be creating new exercises (even more challenging because why not?) and will utilize the field at Churchill for the run before the bell signals a new exercise and pairing with a new partner. Partner workouts are my favourite. Relays are my top of the top favourite. Stay tuned for next week’s workout creation. You now have an idea what’s in store 🙂

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Today’s Positivity Award goes to Grady. Grady is the kind of guy people count on showing up to workouts. Why? Because he’s always energetic, funny, positive, super encouraging to everyone and works his ass off. Grady was stoked when he moved from DC to TO and discovered that there was a tribe that had just started. His contribution and support was awesome for Sam and I as he was able to give indications that we were doing things right and his attitude and vibes were completely representative of what we strive to provide for everyone who attends NP. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Grady for being YOU and for all of your effort, fun, and laughs every Wednesday 🙂

12270218_10154511988243438_2066761125_n12243614_10154511988178438_264259850_nGrady is Mr. Positive!

As per usual we took our serious bad ass face photo. For the next one Sam quickly suggested we could smile or do a funny face. Within a second Krizka and I came up with a face…..we are interesting people 😉




Much Love to you All! Until next week! 🙂

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