I Hate That I Love Mondays Now

Are you confused? Have you been falling asleep on Sunday nights actually excited about waking up the next morning? Are you used to Sunday evenings being a downer, and Monday mornings being the absolute worst? It’s weird for you now isn’t? Now that NPSF started tearing up Fort Mason, pumping up the jams, and banging a pot with a spoon in a display of overt enthusiasm. Your Monday’s fucking rock now don’t they? Yeah, I bet they do. Why wouldn’t they? You started your week of right, and that trend is going to continue straight through to Friday. I for one cut holes in the pockets of all my dress pants so that I could sit at my desk and flex my quads and feel the soreness straight from the source. Whats that? No. Nobody notices because I made myself a pair of paper mache arms that rest on my keyboard. The sneakiest!

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