“I guess this is the real thing” – Park Man

“I thought it was a fluke…but I guess this is the real thing”
– Park Man as he laid eyes on all 115 members of the NPSD tribe

Some days there aren’t enough words to sum up our mornings. Some days you just need to tell it like it was. It was epic. Like the monstrous marine layer and the giant moon this morning, the NPSD tribe TOOK OVER the city of San Diego! By the light of the full moon, our tribe shattered goals, proved the naysayers wrong and came together in the biggest, brightest and strongest workout of NPSD history! Even our friendly Park Man couldn’t believe his eyes. The real thing? Yes Park Man, we are the real thing. Our first birthday is upon us tribe, and you’ve already achieved our bday goal, ya overachievers you! But fuck yeah, let’s keep the momentum going! Mo’ People Mo’ Fun! Share the fun! Share the love! Let’s do this, and literally get the entire city of San Diego to Rise and Shine – challenge accepted.


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