I Got 99 Problems but “the Beech” Ain’t One!

Many new faces to hug,

the sweat between us,

A new friend in this city.

Well I hope you enjoyed that Haiku I wrote. Today we truly United LA! New faces from all over this expansive concrete wilderness gathered at the watering hole that is the Hollywood Bowl. Wednesday’s are always a gathering. In the middle of the traditional work weeks it can be refreshing to come to the tribe and just let the world you have behind. But if you think NP only lives in those Wednesday mornings, oh how you are wrong. We take those values and share it with those who are too shy or reserved in the city and challenge them to challenge themselves and to support one another. What you all do as a tribe is so simple yet effective. You test your limits and you push others.


Today with the J Baby workout we’re faced with one heck of a challenge right off the bat, “the Bitch” or “beech” if you’re french. The steep incline to an immediate throw down of push ups will wind any athlete. Y’all still crushed it and kept moving reminding yourself that those doubts in your head are only doubts and not realities. Some of you may have thrown up (two if I remember right), some of you may have brought your mom but it is for certain that you went Full Throttle!

Today the Positivity award was awarded to a dude who likes to play dress up in tacos. Korey we’re glad you’re here!



HOMEWORK : Y’all have some very important homework. There were 50+ of us today! Meaning 50+ chances to improve or make someones day/life. Go out there and do at least ONE  good deed. Smiles, holding doors and high fives are all a given. Buy a coffee. Fill up a tank. Buy someone flowers. Get creative and spark some happiness!

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