I Been Runnin’ (DCA)

I’ve been trying to get in contact with Beyonce (we’re old pals, go way back to before Destiny’s Child days) to see if she could do a remix of Drunk in Love but call it Runnin’ Love (working title). I already know how it’ll start (see blog post title). Now that I’ve successfully got that song stuck in your head for the day, let’s talk logistics. From here on out, if you leave your water bottle, shirt, keys, sunglasses, etc. at a workout, you will be publicly shamed for it. Don’t litter. It’s not nice to Ma Nature who has been kind enough to give us a small break from the heat. But seriously, I’m cold in August. That ain’t right. It’s DC, not Canada. Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely ok with it but it weirds me out. But I digress…

image (2)

Hills for breakfast this morning tasted great. We continue to get faster and dominate that hill we used to fear/avoid. BOOM.

WEDNESDAY: Bring a friend, coworker, neighbor, dog, fellow runner you meet at a stoplight, etc. Let’s break 400. Please remember to bring minimal gear and thank any officers you see for their service. 5:30/6:30AM #JustShowUp

AUGUST 17TH: Better Than Bedtime, 6PM. Run and toast with the sexiest asses in DC. More details coming later this week.

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