“I and Love and You” (NYC)

Ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me us in

Are you aware the shape we’re in (um, awesome shape because we do NP every week)

Our hands they shake (from planking so long) our heads,  they spin (from ameba tag)

Ah Brooklyn Brooklyn take me us in

–The Avett Brothers (with edits)



Brooklyn welcomed us with open arms. We brought the noise, energy, smiles, intensity, and sweat to Brooklyn! Some of us ran 10 miles to get there, others ran a few minutes–either way, we SHOWED THE FUCK UP! We even scared away a paid-to-play boot camp. BOOM!

Workout consisted of 20 minutes of partnered up activity.  First, we started with burpees and hoisties–partners ran across turf field in between each. Secondly, we alternated partners doing 20 leg tosses.  We ended the workout with two games of Sharks and Minnows. First game lasted 3 mins, second game (switched to ameba tag) is still going on.

We were graced with the presence of tribe members from different parts of the land (SF and three from Boston).

French Toast was then served by Gaby!



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