Humans are not crabs.

Despite both being their own form of fantastic, humans are not crabs. That is unless, you got yo ass out of bed today and came to November Project. Tipping the evolutionary scale (because what else do you do on Monday morning?) NP SD crushed some pavement and crab walked like the Sea World version of Michael Jackson. No glove required. Tunes? Yeah we got tunes! For those of you with an aversion to seafood, I know there are a few of you out there! The Grizzlies marched to their own beat today. Like a freight train, just get out of their way! On my way home I got a call of the University of Montana…their Grizzlies wanna come train with our Grizzlies – no bigs. Speaking of bigs (man those segues are handy!) did anyone else look at the size of our tribe today? On a MONDAY? If you didn’t happen to notice the mass quantity of bodies your brushed up against this morning look up – I promise that pic is from this morning. Did you have fun? You bet your knickers you did! So get out there and spread the love, nothing says I Love You like getting someone out of bed before dawn to hug, sweat and enjoy San Diego the way it was supposed to be. Get after today like you did this morning tribe — ya rocked it.

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

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