How Dare You, Nick? (Brooklyn, NY)

This blog was brought to you by two guest bloggers, David and Tara, who felt personally victimized by the missed #verbal of Nick Collins…


You were so excited about the new PR course. What happened? PR Day is YOUR DAY.

And yet, when we checked on your welfare, we thought we’d get a better excuse…

  • My tattoo exploded.
  • Igon ate my running shoes.
  • All of my Nike running swag was in the wash.
  • Got a call from the Whole 30 author wanting to collaborate on a new book called the Whole 15 with a chapter including Diet Coke recipes.
  • I lost my neck scarf yesterday on the train.
  • I flew to England to assist with Brexit.
  • My bike had a flat. My car windshield was too dirty. The train had a sick passenger.
  • Sunny wasn’t coming. (Sunny showed up).

But this was your excuse…

We missed you,

Tara & David

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