Hot Set (LAX)

You know it’s so LA when your meet up spot has been over taken by a film crew. How Hollywood can we get when there’s the hollywood sign in the back security guiding us to on set portable bathrooms and movie lights scattered here and there. I know you all think you’re terribly famous and can make your special request like all the green M&M’s to removed from the bowl or to have you coffee at the perfect boil point temperature, but today we took no shit. We got to the nitty gritty and cracked out a stellar yet extremely simple workout. No burps, no dropping our bodies to the floor. Back to the roots of plain and simple running with the occasional fuck yeah and high five on the trails.


If the people weren’t enough to inspire to push deeper than maybe an epic sunrise of our beautiful city? A time to reflect and take time above all the chaos down below and just enjoy the trail, the view and the vibes. As simple as it is we like doing hill trail repeats. Builds up the strength, brings us into some nature and can get technical using your brain a little more than just heading out on the road and going numb in the mind.


To top off the numbness the best was the race at the end around the observatory into the filming area. A stampede if you will where numbers were a hell of a lot stronger than all of the confused faces and some guards trying to stop us. If there’s anyone i’d ever dream of getting arrested with it would obviously be you crazy cats. Keep up the solid work and enjoy your weekend.




MONDAY- NP YOGA. To start off summit week MODO Yoga is offering an opportunity for ourselves to practice peaks and valleys of the body and the mind…you like that? There are only a few spots left so be sure to sign up for this hot yoga class with our fellow tribe member Alice. This shit will be good! with VERBAL in the title.  In the body write your name and something about November Project.

Info will be sent to you with the proper instructions.

Wear your #grassrootsgear and let’s get bendy and sweaty.

WEDNESDAY- We will be having a special summit themed workout. What that means? Who knows? Babysitters will be announced for Friday’s workout.

To start it off here’s an exciting read that will get you excited. EXCITING READ!

 This Thursday your fearless leaders will be heading out to Park City, UHAUL where we will be meeting many of you this weekend to race the North Face Endurance Challenge Relay and participate in NPSUMMIT 3.0.

FRIDAY– While some of you will still be in Tinseltown working out just as hard as ever some of you will have traveled to Salt Lake City for an epic pop up workout filled with tribemembers across the continent.

SATURDAY– PARK CITY RACE DAY For those traveling to Shart City, OO-TAH, safe travels. We can’t be more excited for you guys to meet all the other tribes and for the crazy shenanigans we have in store. Pack accordingly and most of all let’s have a stellar time.

#GRASSROOTSGEAR– If you need anything tagged for the race next weekend bring your shirts wednesday and we will tag them.

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