Hosted a Banquet (YEG)

At the same time that the tribe ate hills for breakfast (great job killing that hill & keeping quiet for the sleeping campers at the bottom of the stairs), we also hosted a banquet without even  bringing food. We were the food…we hosted a banquet for the swarms of mosquitoes that were out in full force this morning. Being #weatherproof took on an additional meaning for us in Edmonton this morning. But no worries, with bug spray in full force we persevered and didn’t let those pesky little suckers get the best of us…that is until Nadim took his sweet time with the group photo!

Don’t forget about # this Sunday. Come, socialize, & get to know your tribe mates! We meet here at 3pm.  The theme is “They came in 2′s”…can’t wait to see how creative you all are!

Meet us at Beaver Hills House Park 5:58AM Monday Morning for the perfect start to your week!

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